Our Beer


Our beers are true to the style…for the most part. All of our beers are approachable. After all, if you don’t want to drink them, we shouldn’t be making them.

The couple words that all of us at Grist relate to and try to emulate in our beer are, "Science Balanced With Creativity." We take our core beers, or as we like to call them, our Science Beers, very seriously. We analyze them on the UV-Vis spectrometer for IBU and SRM, we count yeast cells before pitching, we match OG and FG in every batch, all that fun stuff so we can assure every batch is the same and every time you order a Science Beer you know what you are getting. Our Creative Beers, well, those are our one-off, seasonal, specialty beers that we don't try to match with anything else. We like the Creative Beers to be a little different. A little bit out of style. However, still approachable. With the opening of Grist Lab, we have added our Experimental Beers to the lineup.  These beers are meant to push the limits with regards to flavors we are interested in achieving, new techniques we are curious about, new raw materials available or yeast strains, etc.