Sitting at the Bar

Chuck Norman

Founding Partner and Visionary 

Picture the perfect night with your teenage girlfriend; a cool summer’s eve, moonlight, birds singing … and just a little bit of smoke rising from the hood of your brother’s sweet Supersport Chevy Impala due to the tumbleweed underneath catching on fire, no big deal right? Meet Chuck – a now successful businessman (we’d put the areas here but they are random and not exciting, but ask Chuck about them) that was first introduced to craft beer when Rob was hired to run the lab at Chuck’s company in 2011. Chuck soon realized that Rob’s passion was craft beer and to save an all out employee mutiny, Chuck embarked on an adventure with Rob into the foray of craft beer. When asked about his venture into craft beer Chuck has been inspired and relishes in the opportunity to learn at any age and sees the industry as a glimpse into passion, science, and a near parallel to 20 years ago when all the “crazy” minds of oil and gas were young entrepreneurs. Chuck hopes that the “New Kids On the Block” breweries like Grist can take the next few years to emulate the success stories of friends like Dry Dock, Avery, Elevation and others to join the ranks of the budding craft beer world.

Yes, we know the picture below is alarmingly professional, Chuck wouldn't give us a better picture