Rob Kevwitch

Brewing Fellow 

It's all pretty simple, rob has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and at the end of the day got tired of seeing his reactions get turned into products but never know what they tasted like.  Yes, for those of you that have never read a journal article from the 1800s, taste and smell were acceptable methods of analysis.  What better way to be able to express his creative side and enjoy his hard work than to start a brewery, so that's what he did.  

If you know rob you know he is an introvert.  However, if you open Pandora's box, be careful, his sarcasm and opinions offend most people and he really doesn't care because he's not worried about being PC, he's worried about making the best quality product and challenging the brewers he works with to continuously innovate and improve.

Once asked, "if you were a beer what beer would you be," he responded, "not one you'd like, haha, just kidding, probably a Kolsch because my constituents are simple, I'm transparent, and I recognize and exploit even the slightest flaw."  But at the end of the day, rob actually just enjoys having a beer with the regulars he's met, running, mountain biking, playing soccer and time with his amazing boys that help out on canning days at the brewery.