Steve Nolan

Lead Lab Brewer 

Steve would love to live in Australia if he ever moved outside the U.S., something about how people seemed less stressed down unda….hmm, Americans, stressed? Having a booming craft beer scene doesn’t hurt in getting placed high on Steve’s list of alternative countries. While tossing beers at people is fun right now, Steve is really interested in having his own brewery someday. But that will take more planning. A lot more planning than a blind date he once had with a girl who was so nervous the whole time she decided to keep pounding the drinks, after already having some before the date, and then proceeding to throw up in his car because she couldn't handle her liquor. Steve is pretty proud of winning the Grist home brew competition with the Penny Lane Double IPA. Steve and his girlfriend Katie put their hearts into that brew and winning has inspired them to really follow their dreams of owning a brewery….someday. Steve is a good guy though, if he isn’t with his friends, he’d rather be with his mom since she is always happy, supportive, and has allowed him to be himself throughout his life. Bonus points for getting mom in the bio Steve.