Pictures of Taproom


If you have visited the taproom, you know it's pretty fabulous.  If you haven't been in yet, get in here and check us out.  We have an inviting taproom with a geometrically intriguing bar designed by the amazing team at Oz Architecture and built out by some great folks at Faurot Construction.  Plenty of small group seating around the taproom and seats that put you as close to the brewery as you can possible get, considering you can sit right next to the fermenters.  Don't be upset if we have to ask you to hop up for a minute or two while we transfer wort or beer or hose something down.  We've recently added some large group seating at the entrance to the taproom.  The patio shouldn't be forgotten either with seating that allows you to enjoy the phenomenal, and mercurial, Colorado weather.  And in case you're like Rob (bald) and want to be outside but can't possibly put enough sunscreen on to survive, sit at our indoor/outdoor bar that transitions the taproom to the patio.